What Happens When You Leave Tooth Infections Untreated in Your Mouth?

What Happens When You Leave Tooth Infections Untreated in Your Mouth?

March 1, 2022

You begin experiencing a sore and throbbing toothache one fine morning and ignore it because you have a hectic schedule. Unfortunately, you don’t realize the tooth could become infected and continue with your day ignoring the throbbing pain. Do you recognize if your tooth becomes infected and doesn’t receive any treatment for the infection, it spreads to other parts of your body? If so, we suggest you read this article to realize what happens when you leave tooth infections untreated.

How Does a Tooth Become Infected?

The primary cause of tooth infections is improper dental hygiene coupled with the lack of professional dental care from the dentist in Pittston. A tooth can become infected when you allow the bacteria in your mouth to get into a chip, crack, or cavity.

Improper dental hygiene and the lack of professional care also make you susceptible to developing gum diseases, an entirely preventable infection if detected in its early stages. Unfortunately, if you allow gum disease to advance, you need regular dental care every three months instead of half-yearly visits.

Your teeth become infected from tooth decay and injuries that you left untreated to bring upon you the need for frequent treatments from your dentist or even the emergency dentist near you.

What Are the Risk Factors of Tooth Infections?

As mentioned earlier, the risk factors of tooth infections are primarily poor dental hygiene because you neglect to brush two times per day and floss. You have a sugary diet and also consume sweets and drink soda. In addition, you may be affected by xerostomia, causing you to have a dry mouth due to aging or the side effects of certain medications.

How to Determine Whether You Have Infections in Your Mouth?

The best way to stay on top of your dental health is to remain proactive with it by following your dentist’s recommendations to the word and indulging in the dental hygiene practices suggested. Brushing your teeth for two minutes per day means you provide each tooth 4.28 seconds which isn’t a challenging task. Flossing your teeth requires a couple of minutes, and a dental visit every six months merely takes an hour besides the driving time. However, the practices help you determine whether you have any infections in your mouth.

When you visit your dentist for six-monthly appointments, you receive dental prophylaxis, and the dentist examines your teeth and mouth to determine whether you have any infections. If they detect any, they recommend prompt treatments to control or eradicate the infection. However, if you decide to ignore the advice, you soon become prone to experience the symptoms of tooth infection spreading to your body.

What Kind of Symptoms Can You Experience from Tooth Infections?

When you leave tooth infections untreated, the condition can spread to other parts of your body resulting in a life-threatening illness. Instead of receiving treatments from your dentist, you receive recommendations to visit various medical professionals to manage conditions like heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and cancer. Under the circumstances, isn’t it beneficial for you to treat tooth infections promptly without letting your condition aggravate?

When you allow tooth infections to spread your body, you experience symptoms like fever, swelling, dehydration, increased heart and breathing rate, and stomach pain.

How to Manage Tooth Infections?

The optimal technique to manage any tooth infection is to remain in contact with your dentist whenever you experience any dental pain or bleeding from your gums when brushing and flossing your teeth. For example, you might need to contact an oral surgeon near me if you have an impacted wisdom tooth to have it removed by them. Impacted wisdom teeth cause pain and infections in your mouth, including tooth decay and gum disease. Getting over the infection before it aggravates is optimal for your oral health. If you ignore the wisdom tooth, you soon become susceptible to conditions that cost more to deal with than getting the tooth removed.

Similarly, you must contact your dentist whenever you suffer any impacts on your teeth and mouth because they are professionals with comprehensive knowledge about dental anatomy. Ignoring the infection puts you in more trouble than imagined, leaving you needing extensive treatments from dentists to prevent all other complications described in this article.

If you suspect you have a tooth infection, please do not ignore the problem but contact Polit and Costello Dentistry to get the infection treated right away.