Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Pittston, PA
Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Pittston, PA

When you’re searching for a dentist in Pittston, PA, that performs complex wisdom teeth extraction, or you need a simple dental extraction; our doctors are here with the advanced technology you expect from modern dental practice. We are committed to providing gentle dentistry in all phases of your dental care, especially while we remove wisdom teeth, which is often a procedure our patients are very apprehensive about.

Why a Patient May Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Although the reason for the removal of wisdom teeth is unique to every patient, our dentists see these causes most often:

  • Increased possibility of dental infection
  • Unchecked and progressing tooth decay
  • Excessive damage to the surrounding teeth
  • Increased risk for periodontal disease
  • Signs of bone loss
  • Loose teeth

Even if a patient is not experiencing any current symptoms indicating the need for wisdom teeth extraction, X-rays sometimes reveal the need for the procedure. When you visit us for your wisdom tooth extraction consultation and pre-surgery exam in Pittston, PA, we’ll be able to show you any issues we find. We can address them with a custom treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. While you may not always need immediate surgery, we may recommend a preventative procedure to prevent any future issues. Our patients who require tooth extraction near me or even an emergency tooth extraction near me will find our caring staff available and ready to help.

Don’t Postpone Your Treatment.

Suppose you’re hesitant to schedule your treatment for wisdom tooth extraction because you’re concerned about the invasive nature of the procedure. In that case, we offer both sedation treatment and local anesthetic, depending on which process you find more comfortable. Delaying your treatment for a tooth extraction will only lead to an increased risk of future issues like dental infection, periodontal disease, crowded teeth, and more. Once your treatment is complete, follow the post-operative instructions closely. Following them will ease your pain and hasten the recovery process.

Contact us today if you are looking for a compassionate dentist to remove wisdom teeth.