Emergency Dentistry in Pittston, PA
Emergency Dentistry in Pittston, PA

Our dental staff’s primary goal at Polit & Costello Dentistry is to ensure that you have excellent oral health. Our dentists offer many procedures and services to ensure your teeth stay healthy or get healthy in our care. If you or a family member falls and chips a tooth, loses a filing, or wakes up with an intense toothache, we offer emergency dentistry to repair your teeth temporarily.

How to Recognize a Dental Emergency

Not every toothache, bloodied tooth, or hit to the mouth is going to be an emergency. If you go to an emergency dentist with a routine problem, they may ask you to go home. If you can lessen your discomfort with a pain reliever or want a standard service, like teeth cleaning, then you can wait for our regular hours for treatment.

Before coming into the office, contact our dentists in Pittston, PA to determine if you have an emergency. If your dental issue involves these problems, you need to go to an emergency dentist near you:

  • Bleeding in the mouth or from a tooth that doesn’t stop
  • Intense tooth pain that isn’t dulled by a pain reliever
  • A pus-filled swelling on a gum
  • A loose tooth
  • Missing fillings
  • Knocked-out teeth

What to do in a Dental Emergency

You can help with dental emergencies by staying calm and contacting our dentists near you for an appointment. Depending on the issue, they may request that you come in right away, but calling will keep you from waiting for hours in the lobby while you’re experiencing tooth discomfort. Don’t ignore these situations to see your regular dentist the next day.

  • Abscesses
  • Missing fillings
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding that won’t stop

The infection from an abscess could travel to your bloodstream and infect your vital organs. If it gets into your heart, then the complications can be life-threatening. Also, bleeding that won’t stop could be a sign of a clotting problem or another medical issue that can become life-threatening.

Knowing how to recognize a dental emergency can save you or one of your family’s lives. Contact our urgent dental care in Pittston, PA to determine when to go in and have your issue treated by our skilled dentists at Polit & Costello Dentistry.