Bonding in Pittston, PA
Bonding in Pittston, PA

Our dentists at Polit & Costello Dentistry have several options for repairing teeth. They may suggest veneers or dental crowns improve your smile. However, a faster, inexpensive way to fix teeth is by dental bonding near you.

What is Dental Bonding?

If you have flaws in your teeth, such as shallow cracks, chips, or discolorations, a dental bond can hide them. Our dentists near you will use a pliable material, composite resin, to sculpt over the flaws. After finishing the cover-up, they will dry the material using a curing light to harden it.

The resin can fix many flaws, such as:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Elongating teeth
  • Discolored teeth

Our dental staff can mix the resin to match the shade of your teeth so that it blends in with them and looks more natural.

How Long Does Bonding Last?

Although composite resin is a durable material, it isn’t as durable as enamel. You can damage it by biting on hard or sticky foods, chewing on items that you shouldn’t, and it wears down with regular use. With excellent care, the material can last for about eight years.

If the material falls off or starts breaking away from your teeth, our dentists in Pittston, PA can redo it to recover the damage to your teeth.

Prepping the Teeth

To do a great job sculpting the resin, our dentists must prepare the teeth so that the resin stays on them. They do this by using a gel or mildly acidic solution for etching the enamel so that the material sticks to it instead of sliding off. After preparing the teeth, they apply the resin and sculpt it over the cracks, chips, or other flaws that they’re covering.

Although most people choose this repair technique to make their flaws disappear and their teeth look great, dentists also use it to repair damaged teeth. These repairs can keep teeth from breaking further and falling apart.

However, if your goal is for your teeth to look beautiful and be healthy, bonding in Pittston, PA can make flaws disappear. Contact our dentists at Polit & Costello Dentistry to get an appointment to have your teeth examined and then bonded to improve your appearance.