Is Invisalign a Permanent Fix?

Is Invisalign a Permanent Fix?

July 1, 2022

Straightening your teeth is not a significant challenge, but choosing from the many solutions currently available undoubtedly is. You can find it confusing and overwhelming to select from the different options on the market, even when you receive advice on orthodontist treatment from an expert.

There was a time when the only technique to straighten teeth existed with metal braces with brackets mounted on your teeth. However, orthodontic treatments underwent a dramatic change in the late 90s when Invisalign invisible aligners became available for teeth straightening.

Orthodontist’s treatments with metal and wire braces are still around and are suitable for patients with complicated malocclusion issues. However, translucent braces from Invisalign have become popular among professionals wanting to appear at their best when working or playing. The clear aligner from Invisalign offers a discreet method of straightening teeth, unlike metal braces. In reality, Invisalign clear aligners remain virtually invisible in your mouth and unnoticeable to people around you.

You might have apprehensions about whether a series of clear plastic aligners can correct the issues with malocclusion affecting you and whether the results of Invisalign treatment are permanent. Let us provide the reason for the authenticity of the Invisalign treatment.

Do You Know What Is Invisalign Treatment?

Whether you want Invisalign for yourself or your kids, it helps if you know what Invisalign treatment is. If you must undergo orthodontic treatment with metal brackets and wires, the braces on your teeth are visible to everyone around you. Fortunately, Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible, and they fit snugly over your teeth without making themselves visible.

Everyone has questions about orthodontic treatments because they think they will look obnoxious when undergoing orthodontic procedures. In reality, Invisalign doesn’t change your appearance because the treatment conceals itself in your mouth to discreetly enable you to straighten your teeth to have a better-looking smile.

You will likely receive a recommendation to visit the cosmetic dentist Pittston a certified Invisalign provider offering the treatment in the region. The professional will also end your apprehensions and even make you happy with the information that Invisalign treatment can save you additional expenses.

Besides being beneficial for straightening teeth, Invisalign can also correct underbites, overbites, open bites, crossbites, gaps between your teeth, crowding, and crooked teeth. In addition, the clear aligners also help treat malocclusion. When you correct malocclusion, it helps preserve the health of your jawbone and its structure.

Are you eligible for Invisalign treatment? The optimal way of finding out is to schedule an appointment with the Invisalign provider near you, who can help you with appropriate advice to proceed with your treatment.

Is Invisalign Painful?

Invisalign requires you to wear a series of aligners over your teeth for approximately 12 to 18 months. You must replace the aligners on your teeth every fortnight. Each aligner you receive from the manufacturers is tighter than the earlier set. When you replace the existing aligners on your teeth with a new batch, you will experience some discomfort lasting for two or three days. However, you will comfortably overcome the pain and proceed with straightening your teeth without concerns.

Do I sleep with Invisalign?

After starting Invisalign treatment, it is essential for you to realize the aligners must remain on your teeth for 20 to 22 hours every day and are only removable when eating or maintaining appropriate dental hygiene. Not wearing the aligners when sleeping can reverse the teeth straightening process, making it challenging for you to achieve the desired results within the period specified. Therefore you must wear the aligners even when sleeping.

Is Invisalign a Permanent Fix?

Everyone looking to straighten their teeth wonders whether they achieve permanent results from the treatment they receive. Most are anxious to understand beforehand whether Invisalign offers permanent results. The answer to the question is pretty straightforward because Invisalign undoubtedly offers permanent results so long as you wear the aligners for the specified hours every day. The Invisalign provider recommends you wear retainers over your teeth after completing Invisalign treatment.

Wearing the retainers shouldn’t concern you because they are created from the same material used for creating your invisible aligners. However, you might be required to wear the retainers for approximately a year or 18 months to ensure your teeth don’t move back to their original positions. It is a preventive measure to help you retain the beautiful teeth and smile you achieved after getting Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign provides a permanent fix so long as you adhere to the requirements of the aligners and retainers. However, there is no reason for you to question the authenticity of Invisalign because it does provide permanent results.

If you intend to have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile, Polit & Costello Dentistry provides Invisalign in Pittston. Kindly schedule your appointment with them today to start your treatment for teeth straightening.