How Long Should You Wait for a Dental Implant after Tooth Extraction?

How Long Should You Wait for a Dental Implant after Tooth Extraction?

February 1, 2023

If you are a resident of Pittston and need a tooth removed, you will express concern about the missing tooth and want to have it replaced as soon as possible. A missing tooth impacts not only your smile’s aesthetics but also your mouth functionality, making it challenging for you to bite and chew. In addition, a missing tooth can cause embarrassment and become frustrating.

While you might have information that dental implants help replace missing teeth would you like to know how long you must wait after tooth removal to have the dental implant placed in your jawbone? If you are searching for information on the above, we recommend you read this article describing when you can get dental implants after tooth extractions.

Waiting for the Tooth Socket to Heal

Tooth extraction is a significant oral procedure. If you intend to get dental implants near you after tooth removal, you must wait for at least ten weeks for your tooth socket to heal after the tooth removal procedure. Dental implants can be inserted in the tooth socket after the waiting period. The ten weeks enable your mouth to recover after the tooth removal.

Occasionally you can have a dental implant placed in the socket soon after tooth removal. However, the placement depends on various factors like your health status, existing infections, and the tooth’s position. It is challenging to determine whether you are a candidate for immediate dental implants, making it essential to wait for the ten-week period before considering dental implant surgery. A surgical specialist’s comprehensive exam and evaluation of your mouth can confirm which treatment best suits your unique situation.

Are Dental Implants Worth Waiting?

As a patient losing a tooth, you might be justified in wondering whether dental implants are worth waiting for nearly three months. However, the Pittston dental office considers dental implants excellent replacement solutions for missing teeth, and experts in dental implant placement surgery suggest waiting for dental implants is worth the effort for the following reasons.

Dental implants are designed to last for life, unlike bridges and dentures that require replacements in five to ten years. In addition, dental implants are highly successful, with an overall rate of 95 percent, indicating that most people receiving dental implants will have the placements successfully bonding with their jawbone.

Dental implants mimic a natural tooth and help stimulate the jawbone from the chewing and biting forces to protect against jawbone resorption or shrinking, which starts occurring soon after you lose a tooth. In addition, dental implants provide a stable foundation for a natural-looking porcelain crown customized to closely match your remaining teeth and remain indistinguishable in your mouth. As a result, you can eat the foods you love with your implanted teeth without fearing movement, sliding, or breakage. Therefore it is worth waiting for three months to receive a dental implant in the edentulous tooth socket.

What Does the Procedure for Getting Dental Implants Involve?

Dental implants involve surgery completed by cosmetic dentistry professionals in one appointment at their office. After evaluating your general health and jawbone, the professionals will schedule your appointment for implant placement. If you must have a tooth extracted before getting an implant, the cosmetic dentistry professional will discuss whether you can get the implant placed soon after tooth removal or waiting for some time is a better option and provide you with all details of your customized treatment plan.

If receiving dental implants after the waiting period, you receive anesthesia in your mouth for comfort. The Pittston dentist drills deep into your jawbone to embed a titanium post that functions as your artificial tooth root after it fuses with your bone.

Before having your customized artificial tooth mounted, you must wait for at least three to six months until the implant integrates with your jawbone. You may think the dental implant procedure is lengthy and wonder how to manage the embarrassment you feel with a missing tooth. However, if you discuss your situation with the Pittston dentist, they provide a temporary replacement tooth to cover the open void in your mouth for aesthetic purposes.

After tooth extraction, the general waiting time for dental implants is approximately three months. However, exceptions exist and are available to get dental implants soon after tooth removal if you are eligible for the procedure and plan for it in advance.

Polit & Costello Dentistry provides dental implants to many patients needing tooth extractions. If you must have a tooth pulled and want to replace it immediately with dental implants, discuss the procedure with this practice to determine whether you are eligible for immediate dental implant placement.