Dental Emergencies Are Fearsome, but Emergency Dentistry Isn’t

Dental Emergencies Are Fearsome, but Emergency Dentistry Isn’t

September 1, 2021

When dental emergencies affect you or a family member, the situation is undoubtedly fearsome. You contemplate what you must do to get over the dental problem bothering you or your family member. You panic and run helter-skelter without realizing you can get help for the situation by contacting a dental professional near you to alleviate the discomfort you experience.

Instead of concerning yourself about the dental emergency, wouldn’t you benefit merely by requesting help from an emergency dental clinic near you to get over the situation? We are confident you think similarly but probably fear the high costs of treatments offered by the clinic. However, are you willing to endure the discomfort caused by the dental situation thinking about the financial implications instead of your oral health? If not, you must request help from the clinic to get over the problem instead of worrying about the economic consequences.

How Can Emergency Dentistry Services Help You?

Do not ever believe emergency dental services only help treat severe dental issues and don’t consider minor problems if contacted by people. Professionals providing emergency dentistry services are also dental professionals with fundamental knowledge about dental anatomy.

These professionals understand your mouth and teeth are vulnerable to various problems that appear out of nowhere to cause unnecessary complications when you least expect it. In addition, they are aware not every dentist in town has the time to treat every dental issue. It is why they set themselves apart by setting aside time from their hectic schedules to attend to any dental problem and provide emergency dental care whenever required.

Whether you need treatment for a broken tooth that has left sharp fragments traumatizing the inside of your mouth or you have a knocked-out tooth, rest assured a visit to Polit and Costello dentistry will get you the treatment required.

What Must You Do If You Have a Broken or Knocked-out Tooth?

A knocked-out tooth requires picking up, holding it by the crown, and rinsing it without scrubbing the roots. If possible, try to place the tooth into its socket. If not, look for a tiny milk container and place the tooth in it to maintain it in moist condition. Emergency dentistry in Pittston, PA, recommends that you reach them within 30 minutes to get the tooth successfully reinserted back into its socket. Unfortunately, if you cannot get to them within the time specified, you may have to endure a toothless grin for a few days until you can get an artificial replacement tooth for a tooth you lost.

All dental emergencies are not as simple as a knocked-out tooth, and some are life-threatening, especially if you have untreated infections in your tooth causing a dental abscess near its roots. A tooth abscess, besides causing intense pain, also leaves you with a high fever and swelling, requiring a visit to an emergency dentist as soon as possible. The dentist you visit drains the dental abscess and provides antibiotics to control the infection besides painkillers to alleviate the discomfort you experience. You also receive advice to seek treatment from your regular dentist to eradicate the condition within your tooth as soon as possible to ensure it doesn’t aggravate further.

Do not think a chipped or cracked tooth is not a dental emergency. Undoubtedly a chipped tooth that doesn’t cause any pain merely requires urgent dental care from your dentist instead of treatment from emergency dentistry services. However, a cracked tooth is a different matter altogether because it suggests damage has occurred to the exterior and the interior of your tooth. Sometimes severely cracked teeth need extraction. Therefore when you visit an emergency dentist near you, expect the professional to take x-rays to diagnose your condition. If your tooth pulp has incurred damages, you require root canal treatment. If not, a dental crown is needed to protect the tooth from further breakage or infections.

How to Manage Dental Emergencies?

The golden rule of managing dental emergencies is to act calmly without panicking and getting help from a reliable dental clinic such as Polit and Costello dentistry. You must think about alleviating the discomfort you or your family member experiences by seeking help from experienced dental professionals instead of walking across to the neighborhood pharmacy asking for painkillers to leave the dental issue unattended for later. Getting the problem treated at the earliest saves you from experiencing severe dental problems later because the situation continues to expand, needing costly treatments from dentists.