An explanation of your Emergency Dental Experience during the COVID-19 Virus.

When you call our office you will be asked the following screening questions*. Unfortunately, if you answer any of the questions positively, we will have to delay the appointment for at least 14 days.
When you arrive, we ask that you call before entering the office at which time you will be brought into an isolated screening room*. Screening questions will be completed again along with your body temperature being recorded. If your body temperature is not within normal temperature range you\'ll be dismissed and not be taken into the treatment area. If your body temperature is within normal limits you\'ll be asked to wash your hands thoroughly for 20 to 30 seconds before entering the treatment room*. All of our treatment rooms are outfitted with state-of-the-art filtration systems that are designed to turn over the air every 10 minutes to protect you from common viruses including COVID-19. Once in the treatment area at which time you will be presented with an antiseptic mouth rinse. Treatment will be provided and upon completion you will be escorted to the checkout area and dismissed*. The office and clinical team is practicing according to CDC guidelines for universal precautions. The common areas of the office are wiped down hourly*.
Due to the virus situation, we cannot allow any additional people into the office or the treatment areas with the exception of a single parent with a young child.

* over the phone screen (travel, fever, cough, sob, contact)

*when patient arrives they are asked to call from the car and we will get them when we are ready(eliminating traffic)

* patient then is brought in to a secure room where they fill out same screener that was gone over the phone and temp is taken

* if patient passes the above they are asked to wash hands before they are taken in to a sterilized room, all Doctors and assistants are in proper PPE and new Air filtration systems are running.

*all rooms doors/knobs/counters equipment are all wiped down before next patient is allowed to be brought in the building

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