Are the Results from Teeth Whitening Treatment Permanent?

Are the Results from Teeth Whitening Treatment Permanent?

December 3, 2021

The color of your teeth is among the first things that people notice about you. This explains why more and more people are turning to teeth whitening to improve their smiles. A brighter smile makes you look good, feel good and most importantly allows you have a positive interaction with others.

Overtime, it is inevitable that our teeth will become stained due to factors such as dietary choices, smoking, ageing and use of certain medications. To help reverse these effects, patients opt for cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening. There a variety of teeth whitening solutions to meet your needs and goals either professionally at the dentist’s office or at the comfort of your home. But before you can invest in a whitening procedure, the big question is, ‘How lasting are the results?’.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Unfortunately, the results from teeth whitening do not last forever. The tooth enamel is porous and continues to absorb whatever it comes into contact with. Your newly brightened smile can last anywhere from just a few months to 3 years. It all comes down to your lifestyle, type of staining and the thickness of your enamel. Your dentist in Pittston, PA will usually advice on what you can do to keep your teeth whiter for longer but still expect the shade to darken within time.

The good news however is that you can have touch-ups to lighten them once again. Make sure to consult with your dentist before doing so to ensure the process is safe for you.

What Determines How Long the Results Last?

  • Type of Procedure

The type of whitening procedure you undergo will greatly influence your whitening results. In-office treatments tend to be more effective and last longer than over-the-counter or DIY solutions. Basically, if you lighten your teeth by several shades, it will take some time before they naturally stain or discolor again.

  • Your Lifestyle

The foods we eat and certain habits do have a significant influence on our teeth. It has been observed that certain foods like coffee, tea, tomato-based sauces and red wine are highly staining. Therefore, consuming them in large amounts or frequently will definitely wear down your results quickly. Additionally, some habits like use of tobacco are known to cause brown or yellowish stain on teeth. So, if you want to a bright and whiter smile, consider quitting.
How you clean and care for your teeth is also important if you want your smile to remain brighter for longer. Make sure to brush at least twice everyday and floss once daily. Maintain a regular oral hygiene programs helps prevent the buildup of plaque.

  • Age

As we age, just as out bodies change, so do the teeth. Ageing causes the tooth enamel to thin out, exposing the dentin layer that is yellowish in color. This then makes the enamel appear yellowish too. At this point whitening treatments may not do much to improve the appearance but can still be safely performed.

  • Genetics

We are not all born with the same shade of teeth. As we develop, our genetic make-up determines how the enamel and underlying dentin layer form. This is what influences the color of our teeth and the reason why some people have naturally whiter smiles than others. The structure of your enamel and dentin will determine the extent to which your teeth can be whitened and also influence the length of period the treatment will last.

  • Aftercare and Maintenance

After getting your teeth whitened, your dentist will give you some steps on how to care for them to ensure your perfect smile lasts. The first 48 hours after the procedure are critical and this is when you should be aware of what you do. During this time, you are discouraged from consuming foods that may stain or discolor your teeth such as tea, coffee, dark chocolate, curries, turmeric and any acidic foods. You will still need to observe good oral hygiene that involves brushing and flossing. Your dentist may recommend you use a whitening toothpaste 2 to 3 times to help remove any stains that start to build-up.

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