After Invisalign Treatment, do Your Teeth Straighten Permanently

After Invisalign Treatment, do Your Teeth Straighten Permanently

May 1, 2023

After you complete Invisalign treatment, you will have the straighter smile desired. However, you cannot think you have completed the therapy because you must continue with an appropriate dental hygiene regimen to help Your teeth remain straight and healthy.

You can keep your teeth and smile appearing great by brushing them twice daily, flossing once regardless of the time, and scheduling six-monthly visits to the dental office for exams and cleanings because they are essential to maintain your new smile.

Invisalign gradually and incrementally moves your teeth to their appropriate positions enabling you to adjust your smile slowly over time. However, your teeth can revert out of alignment if you don’t wear the retainer recommended by the dentist after completing your Invisalign treatment.

How Quickly do Your Teeth Revert out of Alignment?

The cosmetic dentist Pittston recommends wearing a retainer after you complete Invisalign therapy. They suggest wearing it because your teeth can shift over time unless the appliances hold them in place.

Showing neglect in wearing the retainer enables your teeth to move out of alignment with time. The movement can occur as early as a few weeks or over several months. In addition, the movement depends on genetics and mouth-related habits like teeth grinding and nail-biting.

Although your teeth start moving after completing the treatment, you might not notice the changes for several years because it does not impact your smile immediately.

Is it Challenging for Your Teeth to Stay Straight without Retainers?

Your teeth can remain straight for an extended period after Invisalign treatment. However, if you desire satisfying results from the therapy results if you wear a retainer for the time specified by the dentist. The recommendation from the dentist helps keep your teeth in their new positions and prevent further shifting. It helps if you note that your teeth can shift even with retainers. They will continue moving slightly even after completing Invisalign treatment over time. The movement is natural and expected, and wearing a retainer merely slows the process.

What Is Invisalign’s Treatment Duration?

Treatment with Invisalign aligners varies between patients depending on the complexity of their orthodontic situation and compliance with Invisalign’s requirements. Mild orthodontic imperfections are corrected by Invisalign braces in as little as six months as long as the patient wears the aligners over the teeth for a minimum of 22 hours daily.

Moderate situations of orthodontic complications require more time, and the treatment duration lasts 12 to 24 months after considering the problem’s severity and the necessary changes.

Compliance of patients to Invisalign’s requirements is also essential to achieve speedy results from the therapy. Patients that do not adhere to their dentist’s instructions of wearing the aligners for the stipulated hours daily and replacing them after every two weeks may achieve slower results to require additional aligners, resulting in increased costs and the time necessary for straightening teeth and having a beautiful smile.

However, completing Invisalign treatment doesn’t indicate that your teeth have moved into the desired positions. Your treatment continues for another year or 18 months with the retainers on your teeth instead of the aligners. Wearing a retainer will ensure your teeth remain in their new positions to help you smile confidently and forget about dental infections that haunted you earlier as long as possible.

Invisalign treatment does not straighten your teeth permanently when you complete the treatment. Wearing a retainer does not guarantee your teeth will not move over time because they do. Factors like teeth grinding, nail-biting, and detrimental habits besides aging can cause your teeth to shift, making it essential to get regular dental checkups to monitor your teeth and overall dental health.

Your dentist can check your teeth during regular visits and take x-rays if required to assess their positioning and suggest remedial measures to ensure they don’t impact your smile after enduring Invisalign braces over your teeth for an extended period.

Orthodontic treatments, whether traditional or with aligners, help shift your teeth to the desired positions to help you avoid embarrassment with your smile and problems with dental infections because you find it challenging to maintain appropriate dental hygiene. However, regardless of your treatment, retainers are necessary to keep your teeth in their new positions by preventing their movement back as earlier.

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