About Our Practice

At Polit & Costello, we take pride in offering individualized treatment to our patients, carefully educating them about their options, and developing plans in accordance with their specific needs and goals. Our office is a provider of excellent dental care and thorough patient education. We are dedicated to providing innovative and comprehensive dental treatment. We encourage our patients to seek non-compromising care, and we educate them as to the benefits of preventive dental care as well as appearance-related dentistry, which can improve their self-image and self-worth. If quality of service is your primary concern, you will be very satisfied with the value you receive in our office.

Some people may feel a little anxious before their first visit to a new dentist. Relaxed and comfortable is how we would like you to feel when you visit our office. Please feel free to share any special concerns or previous dental experiences that may have created a problem for you in the past. We look forward to you being a patient in our office for a long time, and you will find that we will work hard to earn your trust.

New patients are always welcome. Many of our new patients have been referred by our previous or current patients, and there is always room for another smiling face. We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and to thank you for your confidence.